Collection: Marta Chojnacka

She grew up and trained in Poland, but soon moved to London, where she developed much of her artistic career.

Her work is an example of her great passions: intense colours and the everyday life that surrounds her: plates of food, exotic plants, birds and other animals are some of the protagonists of her creations. Her favourite technique? Absolutely, gouache on paper. She now lives in Barcelona combining her artistic facet with the art direction of Materia Rica, created together with Joan Ayguadé.

To say that a creator has a passion for color seems typical, but for Marta Chojnacka it is reality. This painter of Polish origin uses it to recreate her daily reality: food dishes, urban landscapes, natural corners … everything that passes through Marta’s lens becomes a chromatic explosion. Her IG account @chojnacka includes a sample of his pictorial work.